The Arsenal Transfercast Episode Eight | Examining Emery


The Arsenal Transfercast is back for its seventh episode, this one featuring an interview from former head coach Unai Emery.

The Spanish Dracula spoke with Sid Lowe of the Guardian recently and the terrific trio gives you their take on what was said. Does Zach think the club really should have bought Wilfried Zaha? Does Chance Emery will get another job in England? Does Martin believe anything this man says? Tune in to find out.

The Arsenal Transfercast Episode Eight

Examining Emery

The Arsenal Transfercast features three dedicated gooners. Martin Hawkins serves as department Arsenal content manager and has been at Last Word since January 2018.

Zach Rayment is not only a writer for the site but also produces the Footy A Deaux podcast alongside his brother. Finally, Chance Haire is the youngest podcast panelist, however, he makes up for that with plenty of insight into the game.

Unlike our usual episodes which feature the latest and greatest Arsenal transfer rumours, this week the team tries something new. The reasons? Well, first off, Unai Emery did the interview which wasn’t much more than a plea for a new job.

The other reason? There were very few good rumours circulating around the club from the previous week. So, the trio decided to have a post-mortem examination of Emery’s era at Arsenal.

The interview Emery gave to Sid Lowe covered a lot of territory. He gives a semi-honest look at his time at the club and does a lot to try and convince a casual reader that he deserves another shot at a big club.

The team does deride the man for this, but at the same time recognises the fact that the board did have more say in many respects than the head coach, so the trio feels as though they give a fair assessment of his time at the club.


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